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Better Nutrition for Your Family - Poultry from Bonnie View KC

When it comes to animal food products, it has been said, “you are what your food eats.” Here at Bonnie View Farm, we would also add, “you are what your food eats and experiences.” We strive to grow happy pastured-raised poultry and they, in return, provide far superior texture, flavor, and nutrition.

Our hens are raised in an optimal environment to express their natural behaviors and thrive.

They start out their lives in an indoor brooder, where they receive the much needed warmth and protection. When ready to be moved outdoors, they are placed on fresh grass in portable pens in order to be sheltered from predators and bad weather. Our birds are relocated at least once a day so they can always have access to fresh pasture and forage, thus allowing them to be raised in the clean and healthy old-fashioned way. In addition to nature’s perfect diet, they receive a special daily boost of a transitional organic grain mix. No antibiotics or hormones are ever used.

The health benefits of pasture-raised chickens are documented:

• 21% less total fat
• 30% less saturated fat
• 28% fewer calories than birds raised in confinement
• Two times more omega-3 than omega-6 fatty acids
• Higher levels of Vitamin D
• 50 % more vitamin A

Using the strictest quality guidelines and the best equipment available, processing is done by hand at a nearby USDA inspection facility. Each chicken is individually wrapped and frozen in a BPA-free plastic sealed bag. The birds vary in size, ranging from 4 to 5 pounds. For your convenience, we also offer various cuts as shown on the order page.

Confined hens, raised in factory-farming operations, usually spend their entire lives inside what looks like a huge shed and hardly ever (if ever!) see the outside or get fresh air. Even though they can function well in groups of up to 90, these confined birds sadly live in groups of up to 40,000! These factory conditions not only result in horrible, frustrating conditions for the birds, but they also lead to unthinkable stench, due to ammonia and fecal dust, and disease. The air ventilation cannot keep up with such volumes, making it almost impossible to even breathe. Frustrated chickens relentlessly peck at each other, causing injuries and death. When talking about thousands of birds in such a tight space, eliminating or even properly addressing these issues becomes logistically impossible.

According to Joel Salatin in his book Pastured Poultry Profits, in order to maintain a high productivity, the birds are fed antibiotics (to treat eventual infections) and hormones (to cause abnormal growth). Additionally, it is also common for them to receive poisons (like arsenic) and other toxins to increase their appetite. The meat becomes soft and water-absorbent, acting like a sponge. That’s not all. Mechanical processing and evisceration break open the intestines and pour fecal material all over the carcass. Large chill tanks often have several inches of fecal sludge in the bottom. Salatin goes on to say that about 9 per cent of a department store chicken is “fecal soup.” That explains why these birds receive up to 40 chlorine baths, but one can only wonder how much of all that remains absorbed by the porous meat. It is no wonder that a correlation can be seen between the rise of factory farming practices and modern day diseases.

Even though industrial advancements can be helpful and practical, it should never come at our health’s expense. We need to go back to natural, healthy, old-fashioned farming methods. What’s the best way to avoid such harmful practices and find truly nourishing food? Know where your food comes from. Buy local from trusted farmers!

Everything we do is based on the premise that happy, healthy animals produce healthy, nutrient-dense foods.

If you live anywhere close to the Kansas City Metro area, you are welcome to stop by for a visit to our conveniently located farm. Just let us know when you would like to come. It is very possible that we are your neighbors, or close enough, anyway.

We hope to see you soon at your neighborhood farm,

Steve and Justine

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Poultry is sold for $3.75 per pound.

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