Pastured Pork

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Pastured Pork

Better Nutrition for Your Family - Pork from Bonnie View KC

When it comes to animal food products, it has been said, "you are what your food eats." Here at Bonnie View Farm, we would also add, "you are what your food eats and experiences." We strive to grow happy pastured-raised pigs and they, in return, are not only more delicious, but also more nutritious.

Compared to pork raised indoors in confinement, pastured pork has been shown to have:

• More omega-3 fatty acids (heart healthy and reduces inflammation)
• More vitamin E
• More vitamin D (in the pork fat)
• Higher levels of other beneficial nutrients

From early spring until the fall, our pigs pasture freely on fresh forage outside.

Their days are spent roaming, socializing with other pigs, breathing fresh air, and converting that wonderful sunshine into Vitamin D. In the winter, they still have access to the outdoors with port-a-huts readily available as shelter from the cold and inclement weather. Besides using their snouts to root, they can cool themselves in wallows and eat a diverse diet of raw milk, vegetable scraps, and a transitional organic grain mix.1 As with our other animals, the pigs are rotated regularly to different areas of the farm in order to keep them and the land healthy.

It is common for pork producers (about 70% of them) to use a carcinogenic drug called sulfamethazine, as a growth stimulant, and PST, another toxic hormone, to reduce the high fat content of pork. Sadly, it can be very challenging to know what truly is in our food these days. In light of that, what is the best way to find nutritious, safe, truly good-for-you pastured pork? Buy local from trusted farmers!

Processing will take place at one of our respectable and trustworthy local meat lockers. The prices are based on the hanging weight and already include cutting, wrapping, and freezing.

Everything we do is based on the premise that happy, healthy animals produce healthy, nutrient-dense foods.

If you live anywhere close to the Kansas City Metro area, you are welcome to stop by for a visit to our conveniently located farm. Just let us know when you would like to come. It is very possible that we are your neighbors, or close enough, anyway.

We hope to see you soon at your neighborhood farm,

Steve and Justine

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