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Our Story

Having had the privilege of growing up in the country, a love for that kind of tranquil lifestyle was instilled in both of us at a very young age. As we started raising our own family, logistics prohibited us from moving too far out of the city. In 2004, however, we were blessed with the opportunity to buy our one-acre “farm house” right in the middle of Kansas City. With permission to use a small section of the undeveloped land around us, we were able to garden and raise animals to meet the needs of our family. Due to the Lord’s abundant provision, we were able to share the yield with our friends as well as help our daughters start an all-natural skin care business with the goat milk surplus.

As we studied how modern food is produced, we learned why it so negatively affects our health and how so many “modern day diseases” walk hand in hand with Genetically Modified Organisms, i.e. GMO, and the industrialized food production methods. That learning experience, driven at first by the desire to take good care of our own family, helped us see how urgent it is to take every opportunity to go back to “old-fashioned” farming for the sake of future generations.

In 2015, after years of much prayer, the Lord allowed us to purchase the land we had been so graciously allowed to use all those years. Our now 47-acre farm, which sits close to 3 Trails Crossing, was first established while the area was still "country" around 1920. Originally a dairy farm, it now appears in old maps as "Bonnie View." The old dairy burned down years ago and most of the land has set vacant for many years (with the exception of the very small portion we were using). We saw this “piece of the country in the city” as the perfect spot to raise and grow high quality, accessible, true GMO-free foods. Because our farm is strategically located in the heart of Kansas City, it has remained protected from the possible contamination of fields and fields of GMO corn and soybeans and many of the pesticides and herbicides used on them.

The word "Bonnie" is of Scottish origin and it means "beautiful," so "Bonnie View" means "Beautiful View"... and we couldn't agree more! The beauty of the view goes way beyond the rich green pastures one can simply see with their eyes. To our family, it is the pursuit and expansion of a lifelong dream and vision. Therefore, to us, Bonnie View also means "Beautiful VISION." We hope our efforts and dedication to growing and raising food the way God intended it to be will truly bless your home and health.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions about our products.

Your neighborhood farmers,

Steve and Justine

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100% natural, grass-fed, vaccine and antibiotic free.

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Our hens are raised in an optimal environment to express their natural behaviors and thrive. No antibiotics or hormones are ever used.

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Pasture-raised eggs are one of nature’s superfoods because they are a superb source of beta carotene, calcium, choline, folate, riboflavin, Vitamin A, D, E, K2, B-12, and zinc.

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Goat's Milk Soap

Nourishing soaps and other body care products made from goat's milk.

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Quality, locally-grown products
right here in Kansas City.

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