Pastured Lamb

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Pastured Lamb

Better Nutrition for Your Family - Lamb from Bonnie View KC

We at Bonnie View Farm are very excited to become a convenient local source of 100% grass-fed lamb to Kansas City area residents! Lamb is a famous staple in Mediterranean diets and in cuisines throughout the world. It is famous for its taste, texture, and superb health benefits.

The Health Benefits of Grass-Fed Lamb are documented:
• Leaner meat = Less Fat
• 400% more Vitamin A
• 300% more Vitamin E
• 75% more Omega 3's
• 500% more CLA

Additionally, pastured lamb is an excellent source of vitamin B12 and a very good source of niacin. It also provides important amounts of the B vitamins B1, B2, B6, folate, biotin, choline, and pantothenic acid.

In America, lamb consumption is much lower than the rest of the world. However, we strongly believe that will change as health-minded consumers become increasingly aware of the amazing health benefits and remarkable taste.

Our breeding stock consists of a combination of Katahdin and Dorper sheep known to do well on 100% grass and are parasite resistant. Hair sheep also tend to have a milder flavor due to a lower lanolin production. As with our other livestock, they will be rotationally grazed in order to keep them and the land healthy. Processing will take place at one of our respectable and trustworthy local meat lockers.

Everything we do is based on the premise that happy, healthy animals produce healthy, nutrient-dense foods.

If you live anywhere close to the Kansas City Metro area, you are welcome to stop by for a visit to our conveniently located farm. Just let us know when you would like to come. It is very possible that we are your neighbors, or close enough, anyway.

We hope to see you soon at your neighborhood farm,

Steve and Justine

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