Bonnie View KC - A Family Farm

Our Family's Philosophy

Our farming philosophy has been greatly influenced by the writing and speaking of Joel Salatin and Polyface Farms. Studies do show that rotational grazing, while responsibly managing the land, produces meat and eggs that are nutritionally far superior to those produced by feedlot animals. Therefore, our hens, broilers, and pigs are only fed a non-GMO grain ration in addition to their pasture grazing. When the crops and animals are cared for the way they are meant to be, they produce true nourishment in return, boosting our health one bite at a time. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions about our products.

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100% natural, grass-fed, vaccine and antibiotic free.

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Kansas City Farm - Poultry

Our hens are raised in an optimal environment to express their natural behaviors and thrive. No antibiotics or hormones are ever used.

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Kansas City Farm - Eggs

Pasture-raised eggs are one of nature's superfoods because they are a superb source of beta carotene, calcium, choline, folate, riboflavin, Vitamin A, D, E, K2, B-12, and zinc.

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Kansas City Farm - Goat's Milk Soap
Goat's Milk Soap

Nourishing soaps and other body care products made from goat's milk.

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Quality, locally grown products
right here in Kansas City.

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